The Untold Story of Memunatu Yunus Laadi’s Soundtrack Struggles.

Renowned Ghanaian singer and soundtrack recordist, Memunatu Yunus Laadi has shared a disheartening experience that nearly led her to cease recording movie soundtracks for filmmakers. During an interview on the personality profiling show “Nsoli” with Teacher Onga on Dagbon FM, she revealed that despite her exceptional work in soundtracks, she often received inadequate compensation or, in some instances, no payment at all for her contributions.

Considering the frequency of her involvement and the outstanding quality of her work, one might assume that Memunatu Laadi would be earning a substantial income from recording movie soundtracks, potentially amounting to tens of thousands of Ghana cedis per month. However, her recent revelation contradicts this assumption quite starkly.

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“It may sound unbelievable, but trust me when I say that none of the individuals I’ve worked for has ever paid me more than GHS500.00,” she shared with the host. “At some point, I became disheartened. I wasn’t able to set my own and they paid me whatever they deemed fit. None of them ever came close to paying me GHS500.00…so I contemplated giving up on recording soundtracks altogether,” she added.

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Story Credit; Mo Torfek.

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