Maccasio Makes History: First Northern Ghanaian artist featured on New York’s Times Square Billboard.

Ghanaian musician, Sheriff Abdul Majeed, known in the space of entertainment as Maccasio, has become the first artist from the northern regions of Ghana to be featured on the Times Square Billboard in New York City. This achievemen highlights his talent and the increasing recognition of African artists worldwide.

A devoted fan base has developed for Maccasio both locally and abroad thanks to his distinctive fusion of current hip- hop and traditional Ghanaian music showcased on the Times Square billboard, allowing his music to reach a wider audience and attract industry attention. Fans are excited and proud of his accomplishment, seeing him as a trailblazer for northern Ghanaian artists.

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This milestone not only secures Maccasio’s place in history but also inspires emerging artists, emphasizing the importance of talent, hard work, and determination. It also provides opportunities for other musi cians from Ghana and elsewhere, giving th em the chance to have an impact on the int ernational music industry. As a result of Maccasio’s achievement, the r ich musical tradition of Ghana’s northern re gions is elevated on a global scale.

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