Parara and Bawlee finally Smoke The Peace Pipe.

Tension Team Boss, Abdul Razak, known widely as Bawlee in the Entertainment space, finally smoke the peace pipe with  Mohammed Naporo Abubakari known in the media landscape as Dj Parara (Majority Leader)..

The two for some years now haven’t been cool with each other and for that matter have been secretly fighting each other’s progress as grapevine has it.
But after several years of feud between the two mature icons,
they have finally decided to put the past behind them and look towards ways through which they can aid in putting the North on the map musically.
Dj parara who works with Northern Television (NTV) came over to the studio to meet Bawlee who was in for a program with Mohammed Hafiz (Gee Face) the Trender and after the program they decided to end their years of feud.
Check out the pic of them after the programme.

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