Host Of TRENDING complains of his missing Toshiba Laptop Purported to Contain Valuable Documents.

Mohammed Hafiz known by many as Gee Face,  the official host for one of the most watched Television Program in Ghana Dinchana/Trending on Northern Television (NTV) in the late hours of yesterday took to his social media handle to cry out loud to the general public to help him search for his missing Toshiba Laptop.
The host, however,  did not give any details on how it came to be missing on his social media handles.
The Northern Entertainment Filla team reached out to him to find out how the Laptop got missing which he gladly explained.
The TRENDER explained that it got missing at his residence in Gumani a few days ago, he thought it was taken by one of his friends but later realize otherwise. He suspects that it has been stolen and is therefore appealing to the general public to be on the look out for a Toshiba laptop: it’s a Toshiba Laptop that can be turned to IPad and it’s Ash in colour.

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Kindly get in touch with the Northern Entertainment Filla team or Gee Face himself if you have information that may help us locate the laptop .

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