Afa Staff’s candid confession on walking away from Majority Radio.

Tamale-based Ghanaian media personality, Adam Mustapha known widely in the media landscape as Afa Staff has taken to his social media handle to share his candid explanation for quitting Majority Radio.

He wrote:

After Neesim Fm, Parara came in with the majority radio which I joined in my own will, but make a specific position as marketing manager which was granted. He task me to draw the station’s programs schedules for a review which I did base on the mission and the vision of the station. Later he mentioned G Face as drive time host, dollar as Brunch, Prince Sparkles Afriqa of bead fm as the morning show host we were even on the verge of renting a nearby room for him. Later Dj Damsom came into the picture also enthusiastic to join the familly. To cut the whole story short, we engaged him in replace of prince since prince stays afar.

When the program line up came out finally, we share it among ourselves and I took SHEE NIM MOHI, Entertainmeners, and Khutubah. G Face took over Drive, DJ Dollar on brunch, Damson on the morning show, and some evening programs.


Before my first production with King Salam Gulbia the NDC regional secretary. I had a WhatsApp message from Parara directing me to give the Saturday Shee Nin mohi to Damsom when I asked why?  he said bcos it comes twice a week. I was shocked to the bone why didn’t he seek for the Tuesday but the Saturday? I realize that there will be a serious bombshell in the future bcos I know myself, so I advise him to add both the Tuesday and Saturday shee nin mohi to him plus his morning show and other night programs, to avoid future conflicts, after all, I came to work as a marketer, not for the program as earlier on stated. We deliberated on that n he advised I should keep my programs but I keep insisting with excuses to direct those programs to Damson bcos I realized he (Damsom) needed the program dearly for reasons best known to him and God. Because how could someone host a morning show from Monday to Friday, host Bawumya Saha on Monday night, and another night program, a Tv presenter, and still want to take over someone’s program?

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Later after the first show, the station planned to frustrate such a program in favor of Damson. So after salaam gulbia came on the first show on that very Tuesday night to talk about the chances of the NDC and John Mahama tour in the Northern Region, I’ve done my production on the following day Wednesday to interview ATTA ISSAH the NDC PC for Sagnarigu to also talk about sagnarigu brouhaha about the youth who claim to vote skirt and blouse in the upcoming polls so that the following week, NPP will come n talk on the same issue in the constituency since they also face same challenges about Felicia Tetteh. I quickly got NPP com. Director of Sagnarigu to inform the secretary about the coming week’s interview on the program which he agreed. So when I sent the pictures for Atta Issah flyers about the interview, parara says No way should NDC appear twice on the show????. Very unfortunate and disappointing for someone who has been in the game for long. The program wasn’t all that partisan even Npp or NDC can appear 10 times on the show uninterrupted if issues are surrounding to discuss be it politics, economy, social, religion, and even marital and hot relationship issues. I tried to convince him n he said BIG NO!!! That whatever he says is final. And then he directed me to rather host the national deputy secretary of NPP n I also said I ve not done any production on that and I’ve no idea of what he is coming to say, so, therefore he should change the host n he agreed. Then I say I can’t be part of a media House where only my programs are dictated against my production. And can not democratically express myself in discharging my duties. Even if there is one billion on the table, I swear to God!! I prefer a lonely bird to a coward lion. So I just told him I won’t work again and he agreed.

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One thing about me is I don’t belongs to a society or environment where am not needed, I don’t beg to feed bcos when God elevates you to a certain level n you demean yourself or strip yourself so low all in the name of a job description that can not fetch u 5,000 cedis a month, it sends a signal to God that u don’t appreciate Him. I felt that Parara saw no relevance in me as a presenter n I can’t work in an environment where my mentality is destructed.

In conclusion I ve never had an appointment to engage with Majority Radio. He said he was still preparing it n this issue came up. I withdrew my services personally with majority radio because I thought I wasn’t needed there and I don’t force myself where I am not needed Like others in the media landscape who crawl on their knees to work for nothing.
Therefore I am no longer a presenter or a marketing manager of Majority Radio. I have QUIT the job. Sorry, to whom it may touch ????



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