Mr. Tell sends an open letter to David AJ.

Northern Ghana’s most listened-to media personality, Halik Musah, widely known as Mr. Tell, has taken to his social media handle to pen down an open letter to Ghanaian music star, David AJ.

The Bugum Beni Show host wrote:

“Dear David AJ, in brand building, there’s a limit to being humble. You can’t build a respectable brand when you’re open to everyone in the industry. Not everyone wants to see you grow. Stop allowing idiots into your home, allowing them the opportunity to film you and compare your brand to others. This guy and his master intentionally left your name out of the program lineup during Fancy Gadam’s concert in Tamale. Do you really think they want to see you succeed in the industry? You’re humble and accommodating, but look at what it’s done to your brand. Don’t let yourself be compared to others. You have a unique brand that needs protection. Not everyone around Garam wants to see you grow. Let them have their limits around you. Some of us are rooting for you and won’t sit back while people who know nothing about branding ruin it. Thank you. #solidbrand”

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