I discovered De Donzy’s Music Talent, but he ended up Betraying Me – DJ Parara Discloses

DJ Parara, a respected figure in the media industry, had an eye for spotting talent, and when he first encountered De Donzy, he was immediately captivated. De Donzy possessed a rare gift – his voice was powerful, his lyrics profound, and his stage presence captivating. Sensing his extraordinary potential, DJ Parara invested his time, effort, and resources in nurturing De Donzy’s talent.

Together, they created magic in the studio, producing hit after hit that resonated with audiences far and wide.


The combination of DJ Parara’s skillful promotions and De Donzy’s soulful voice seemed unstoppable, as his music gained popularity and amassed a strong following.

However, as time passed, a change started to take place. De Donzy, once grateful for the opportunity and support provided by DJ Parara, began to distance himself from his mentor.

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Their once fruitful collaboration turned into a one-sided effort with DJ Parara giving everything he had, while De Donzy seemed detached and ungrateful.

The betrayal couldn’t be ignored any longer when De Donzy decided to exit from Shams Entertainment Label which was managed by Mr. Sham with Dj Parara being the advisor and promoter.


De Donzy’s decision felt like a knife piercing DJ Parara’s heart, a devastating blow from someone he considered a friend, a protégé, and a signee.

DJ Parara couldn’t hide his disappointment and frustration during an exclusive interview with Abdul Jalil Naabeli on My Northern Achievers program.

He acknowledged the immense potential that De Donzy had displayed and expressed his hopes for a long-lasting collaboration. However, the turn of events left a bitter taste in his mouth and shattered his trust in people within the industry.


Betrayals like this are all too common in the cutthroat world of music, where egos collide and loyalty is often hard to maintain. DJ Parara’s story serves as a cautionary tale for those eager to invest their time, energy, and resources into nurturing the talents of others.

It is a reminder that sometimes, despite our best intentions, not everyone we encounter on our journey will share our values or appreciate the effort we put into helping them succeed.


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