Alaafeilana Exposes Fancy Gadam’s Manager’s Desperate Backup Plan as Damage Control Riddled with Punch Holes

In the world of entertainment, competition is a common occurrence. Artists and their teams constantly strive to outdo one another, eager to claim the top spot. However, a recent revelation in the Ghanaian music industry has shed light on what seems to be a long-lasting “competition” backup plan by Fancy Gadam’s manager, with desperate attempts at damage control that are both riddled with holes.

Alaafaeilana, a respected industry insider, has come forward to expose the shady tactics employed by Fancy Gadam’s manager.

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According to Alaafaeilana on a social media comment session of the Chop the Mic Host, the backup plan put into motion by Fancy Gadam’s team is nothing more than a desperate attempt to control the damage caused by recent events. As the truth unfolds, it becomes evident that this backup plan is full of holes that are impossible to ignore.

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Alaafaeilana’s comment was in reference to Hassan Al Hussein’s defensive post on Fancy Gadam’s upcoming concert headline ”competition”.

He wrote:

Prior to Al Hussein’s post, it was alleged that there was a serious misunderstanding between them and Total Cheat Crooner, which was later solved behind closed doors.

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