Bride Abandons Groom At Altar Few Hours To “I DO”

A shocking and dramatic scene of a bride who left her groom at the altar over unknown reasons.

In a video making rounds on social media, the bride was seen storming out of the church with her bridesmaid trying to convince her to go back and continue the ceremony.

This comes as a surprise since prior to the wedding ceremony, the bride had enough days to cancel the entire thing rather than wait for the D day.

Although the bride did not state what led to her decision, she was heard saying she was no longer interested in getting married.


True to her word, she removed her heels as she exited the premises bare-footed with her white gown folded to enable easy movement.

Her bridesmaid, dressed in turquoise dress was seen following her, in attempts to convince her to rescind her decision.

The groom, also in his blue suit and tie, looked on confused while his bride creates a scene before her exit.

This is the worst thing that can ever happened to any human being.

Why must you wait till the wedding day to disgrace the man in this manner?

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Well lets not be too hard on her, probably she sees something we are not seeing at a distant.

Watch the video Below:

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