Dj Zolah and Mr. Tell, bury the hatchet and raise the peace flag, ending their long-standing feud for good!”

In what can be considered a remarkable development, the well-known Tamale media personalities, Dj Zolah and Mr. Tell have finally called a truce in their ongoing feud. This bitter dispute that has been ongoing for quite some time has caused a lot of friction within the entertainment industry. However, a sudden change of heart by the two has now led to a resolution and a willingness to move on from the past.

For quite some time now, the people have been chattering about the long-standing rivalry between Mr. Tell and Dj Zolah. Despite their humble roots, both of these individuals have managed to carve out a notable reputation within the realm of entertainment.

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Over time, a full-blown feud between the two media personalities developed due to a simple misunderstanding. Public exchanges of insults and petty arguments ensued, causing tension not only between the rivals but also among their loyal fans. This rivalry grew out of control, starting as a minor issue and escalating into a major conflict.

But time and self-reflection have seemingly aided in the mending of the long-standing animosity between DJ Zolah and Mr. Tell. The two have made the mature decision to release their previous misconceptions and concentrate on cultivating a more harmonious and cooperative media environment within Tamale.

Fans and media personalities alike were pleasantly surprised by the unexpected reconciliation between them. Dj Zolah, whose lively persona is well-known, publicly shared a sincere statement.

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He emphasized the significance of collaboration within their industry and expressed his eagerness to move forward.

Dj Zolah acknowledged his previous blunders and recognized that “Feuds distract us from promoting Tamale’s talent and culture at large”. He also stated that it was high time for everyone to unite, let go of differences and work together for the betterment of their community.

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