Bongoideas Reflects on the Loss of Mr Ibu, Sharing Insights on Marriage’s Impact on Men

In a thought-provoking post on the micro-blogging platform X, social media influencer Bongoideas made a compelling argument against the perceived benefits of marriage for men, drawing parallels with the life struggles of the late Nollywood actor, Mr. Ibu. Mr Ibu, who sadly passed away at the age of 62 on March 2nd, succumbed to a cardiac arrest after battling elevated blood pressure following an amputation surgery.

According to Bongoideas, Mr Ibu’s life journey served as a stark illustration of the purported pitfalls of marriage. He highlighted the actor’s tumultuous marital experiences, including a first divorce where his savings were taken away, and subsequent dramas between his second wife and adopted daughter over money and properties. This, coupled with Mr. Ibu’s battle with diabetes, blood clotting, and dead blood vessels in his leg, led @Bongoideas to assert that marriage is a “profitless investment” for men.

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In a detailed breakdown of Mr Ibu’s challenges before his demise, @Bongoideas listed instances such as his daughter squandering funds meant for his surgery, selling almost all his properties, and his wife allegedly requesting an iPhone 15 while he was on the brink of death. The influencer concluded that Mr Ibu’s legacy was ruined, painting a grim picture of a man abandoned with no wife, no properties, no money, and no legs, asserting, “Marriage is a loss to every man!”

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