We are talented but lacks the needed equipment to produce quality-Dagban Mr Ibu.

Mr Ibu is undoubtedly one of the most popular Dagbani actors in recent time.He was recently interviewed on the highly rated Asafihli Saha, a program produced by the northern entertainment filla team.
The aim of this program is to bring comic actors to their loyal followers. The program gives the audience the chance to asked the guest(comedian) the questions that wish  to ask him/her.

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During the interview Mr. Ibu made it clear that they are world class actor’s when it comes to acting but because of lack of equipment to produce their movies, their talents go unrecognized.

Mr Ibu also made a special appeal to the general public to help them with the needed connections if they can, both in the country and outside the country.
He also stated that he is trying to work with Kojo  Nkansah popularly known as Lilwin in his upcoming movie but the reason for the delay in getting it done is his inability to to afford the service of Lilwin.

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