TikTok sensation, Buba Girl, wails inconsolably as a leaked video sends shockwaves through her soul.

Esther Raphael, the renowned Buba Girl, is caught in a torrent of tears as she unveils the heartbreaking truth behind her leaked tapes, spreading like wildfire across social media.


In a soul-stirring audio note circulating online, The Buba Girl sobs relentlessly, pouring out the anguish she has endured in recent days.

Speaking through her tears, she conveys her current state of illness and despair. She discloses how she has been repeatedly subjected to extortion by an unknown entity, compelled to pay exorbitant sums of money, only for them to vanish into thin air.

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Unfortunately, this time, she finds herself devoid of funds, leaving her defenseless against the relentless demands of the blackmailer. The consequence? The unforgiving exposure of the damning video.

With profound sorrow, Buba Girl bares her soul, revealing the immense toll this ordeal has taken on her fragile existence.

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Experience the raw emotion in the audio note below:

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