DJ Bat Sets Course for Legal Battle Against Majority FM’s False Claims

Tamale-based Ghanaian presenter, Amidu Abdul Rahim, popularly known as Dj Bat of Zaa Multimedia, has recently found himself entangled in a web of false accusations made by Majority FM’s social media administrator. In response to these baseless claims, Dj Bat has taken a strong stance, vowing to pursue legal action against both the individual responsible for the false publication and the station as a whole.

On the fateful day of 14 October 2023, Majority FM’s social media handle released misleading information about Dj Bat. The presenter, known for his dedication to his craft and commitment to delivering accurate news and entertainment, was deeply disturbed by the false publication tarnishing his hard-earned reputation. Dj Bat, outraged by the damaging effects of these false allegations, has decided to fight back through legal means.

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DJ Bat understands the consequences that false information can have on an individual’s personal and professional life. False publications can lead to irreversible damage and impact not only one’s career but also personal relationships and mental well-being. Recognizing these potential undesirable, Dj Bat has embarked on the path of legal action to rejuvenate his name and protect his integrity.

Seizing legal action is not an easy decision, but it is an essential step to battle the spread of false information. By holding both the social media administrator and Majority FM accountable for their actions, Dj Bat hopes to set a precedent that false accusations will not be tolerated in Ghana’s media landscape.

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Dj Bat’s decision to take legal action also serves as a reminder to fellow broadcasters, journalists, and media professionals to be cautious of the information they disseminate. The power of social media cannot be underestimated, and proper verification and fact-checking must be prioritized to avoid inadvertently causing harm to innocent individuals.

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