Angry Tell threaten to beat Basiru Bejejugu mercilessly.

Controversial presenter Halik Musah known to many as Mr Tell aka Adugalli has vowed to beat Basiru Bejejugu mercilessly.

The host of Bugum Beni drive on Radio Tamale during his program on Thursday 14th January threatened to exposed the real identity of the man behind the ghost account on Facebook bearing the name Basiru Bejejugu via his social media handles.

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The presenter said Basiru Bejejugu went to the outgoing mayor of Tamale, Hon. Musah Superior and lied to him that he “Halik Musah” sat on his most listened to program to insult the mayor. Disclosing his displeasure, Mr. Tell said the mayor believed what Bejejugu said and has decided to distance himself from him.

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Tell who believes he knows the real identity of the one behind that ghost Basiru Bejejugu account is willing to exposed his real identity to the entire world via his social media handles and also beat him merciless.

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