Trusting an artist who cannot keep a private conversation is risky – Omario Ck advises.

Ghanaian musician and philanthropist, Issah Rafiw, also known as Omario Ck, recently shared some valuable advice with his followers on social media. He emphasized the dangers of trusting artists who betray the confidentiality of shared conversations for the sake of gaining cheap fame.
In his post, Omario Ck wrote,

“❌Do not ever trust an artist who exposes his chat with others for cheap fame, he’s literally gonna do same to most of y’all if u re not careful.????

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This message from Omario Ck comes in light of a recent incident where a popular media personality, Halik Musah, allegedly had a private conversation leaked by the fast-rising music star, King Scanty, during a minor disagreement.
In an audio clip intercepted by the Northern Entertainment FILLA team, Halik Musah can be heard pleading with the artist to provide funds to settle the payment for his event banners.

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You can listen to the audio below:

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