Scanty’s talent is undeniable, but controversy is not the best way to promote him – says King Hassan Ib

Ghanaian award-winning media personality Hassan Ibrahim Abubakar, widely known as King Hassan Ib of Radio Xtra, has recently shared some insightful observations about Scanty and his promotional approach.

In a post on his official social media handle, King Hassan Ib offered professional advice and suggested potential solutions for Scanty’s career. Here’s what he wrote:
The boy Scanty is talented. But the way his promotion has been centered around controversy with senior artists and industry players is not going to help him. For Holic X Holic and Fuseini Hamza Zio, I trust their influence on social media promotion. They are doing well and they’ve done it for a couple of artists. But the way they are pushing Scanty is not good.

I have also seen his responses on some issues and how he reacts to them is not healthy at all for his music career in the industry. I will advise that he stay humble and not every issue he needs to react negatively at this stage of his career. I have seen what pride and vendetta have done to many young promising musicians.

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I would agree that “beef” is a good culture for music and showbiz but at some stage, you must do everything possible to avoid it and focus on promoting your raw talent and let the people love you for it. As a young musician, growing up, you need every hand for your music career to grow. Money isn’t everything. Many musicians couldn’t make it even with their money. Unless Scanty is just doing this music for fun.

I will always commend Wiz Child for his humbleness and no doubt that this has helped him to grow. Even though he has in recent days lamented on issues relating to saboteurs in the industry.

I have seen what controversy has done to great young talents like Gaffaci, Nandos, and several others.

Recently Fadlan had some little issues with Maccasio which has affected their relationship and at some point in time, his concert as a result of anger from 69 fans for his actions to his godfather. I am glad he was smart enough to swiftly make amends.

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Recently IsRahim posted a picture of himself with Patoranking. He met him at David AJ’s studio. If later he comes out with a song featuring Patoranking, it’s as a result of David Aj.

I have seen Black Sherif in several interviews where he thanked critics rather than responding negatively. I have seen him not responding negatively to insults from colleagues (musicians).

Every young talent needs every hand in the industry to grow. No matter the challenges, stay strong, calm, and focused. Use every negative energy to your advantage. As a young and upcoming musician, do not engage in controversies with senior industry players. Most of them will intentionally set a trap for you to fall in. Only patience and focus will conquer that.

Holic and Zio, kindly disengage from promoting the young talent around controversy. It is making some industry players angry. I know what I am talking about.

I like Scanty’s music.

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