Presenters Are Seen Poor Because You Fail To Pay For The Service They Render To You. Dj Fadel of North Star Hits Hard On Critics

The media industry according to a section of Ghanains believe that there is alot of money in existence and for that matter alot of people are running into that field. But the story in the Northern Part of Ghana seems different as most people describe the industry and industry players as being poor and also finding it hard to grow in that field down here.
The drive time host of North Star Fm, a professional radio station based in the Northern Regional Capital during the cause of his show fired those describing them as poor and hungry presenters.
The Presenter who seemed angry at the matter from which he was addressing made it clear that,  Most people down here take advantage of their relationship with station managers and other staffs of the stations and seek for free services from them, and after successfully getting satisfied, these same people turn to disregard and disrespect the presenters again at the long run.

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He further went ahead to caution such people to either stop that behavior or else they will be exposed on air, indicating that the stations pay for electricity, water, servicing of machines and workers, taxes and other stuffs, and for that matter won’t do any free advertisement for ungrateful self acclaimed friends.

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