People look down on me because I don’t flaunt my wealth – Halima Abubakar

Nollywood actress Halima Abubakar believes that a lot of people do not give her the due respect because she does not flaunt her riches on social media.

Many celebrities have gained the love and respect of their fans and colleagues because they show off their expensive cars, houses and live a flashy lifestyle on social media.

In a conversation with Saturday Beats, Halima Abubakar claimed that even though she has done well for herself, she does not get the same kind of respect as others in the industry because she does not show off her wealth on social media.

She added that human as she is, she sometimes gets hurt when even her colleagues look down on her because she is humble.

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“People do that a lot (look down on me), including my colleagues, because I’m humble and friendly.

“I get a bit hurt at times because I’m human and blood flows through my veins.

“But when things like that happen, I usually go mute and allow the person to be stupid.

“I consider those that troll me to be jobless. I think they need to take their lives more seriously.

“Nobody can take (away) my happiness. They did that 10 years ago and I ended up being sad for seven years for no reason.

“But I won’t be dragged into such nonsense drama again” she said.

Speaking on why she does not flaunt her wealth on social media, the actress who recently purchased a brand new Escalade EXT, stated that people love to see celebrities live fake lives but she wants to be herself and not pretend to be who she is not just to be liked by others.

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Halima said:

“People like fake things – they like to see one living a fake life and sharing it online.

“But that’s not the kind of life I want to live. I just want to be free.

“I wouldn’t go out of my way to be fake in order for people to like me.”

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