Olatunde Unveils ‘GH From Naija EP’: The Highly-Anticipated Name for His Upcoming Music Project!

Olatunde, the multi-national music sensation, has created quite a stir with the announcement of the official name for his highly anticipated upcoming EP
The collection of songs, titled “GH From Naija,” promises to be a fusion of the vibrant soundscapes of Nigeria and the rich musical heritage of Ghana.
Fans are eagerly awaiting the release of this unique musical experience.


Effortlessly blending genres, Olatunde has become known for his artistic abilities. He aims to bring Ghana and Nigeria together through the power of music, bridging the cultural gap. To show his commitment to unity through art, he has created “GH From Naija.”

The testament to this creative effort is an innovative, yet refreshing, incorporation of Hiplife, Afrobeat, Hip pop and modern Nigerian sounds.

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Musical and lyrical prowess abound in Olatunde’s upcoming EP, set to leave listeners inspired.

“GH From Naija” promises to be an album that’ll connect with fans on a deeper level, all thanks to his impressive knack for storytelling. Themes of societal issues, love, and personal development are cleverly woven into every track.

Olat seeks to mark the unity between the two the Nations by amalgamating their unique musical styles – a feat that showcases the distinct creativity and talent embodied within each of these cultures. This EP serves as a tribute to the diverse forms of West African music, crafting an unforgettable and genuine auditory experience.

With his captivating stage presence and remarkable vocals, Olatunde has been able to build a devoted following, earning critical acclaim for his previous releases. Fans are eagerly awaiting his newest creation, “GH From Naija,” which promises to transport them on a musical journey that seamlessly blends the best of Ghana and Nigeria, transcending borders and immersing them in a breathtaking sonic world.

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Olatunde’s work exhibits a high level of production value and meticulous attention to detail, which demonstrates his dedication to producing a project that is above and beyond expectations. He has carefully developed each track in collaboration with great musicians and producers to ensure a captivating and immersive musical experience.

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