Nobleman Entertainment Kicks Aleewa Dagomba out of their Record Label.

Nobleman Entertainment is one of the most promising Record Labels the North can boast of. They are well established and have  people with deep knowledge in entertainment on their label.

They have on the label two artist namely Derby Hwot and Aleewa Dagomba who was part of the Sagani TV’s Chop de Mic Season 1 Edition.
Confirmed Reports from the management of Nobleman Entertainment have indicated that the record label  has kicked out the young promising star from their Label.
The public relations officer for the label confirmed this to Northern Entertainment Filla and further cited reasons behind the termination of their contract with the young promising Star.
He explained that the artist was in haste for fame and due to that was going against the rules of the label,he further indicated that the artist was jumping on unnecessary controversies,disrespecting management and commenting to the public without discretion.
We tried reaching out to the artist but he wasn’t available at the time of this report.

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