IsRahim Explained Reasons Behind The Removal Of Galbi and Sangara Music Videos from YouTube.

Abdallah Abdul Rahim know in the showbiz industry as Israhim, former Marisky Signee, currently under the NF team, on Sunday during a live interview with Northern Entertainment Filla(Time with the Entertainers), explained for the first time his reason for taking off some of his music videos which had a lot of views on one of the most popular platforms for songs upload called YouTube.

Time with Entertainers is a program that comes off every sunday at 9:30pm to 10pm and have had a great talent passing through it,  A notably among them are Don Gama from the Tikashibu Empire, Striker De Donzy from Top Ten Entertainment, Trumper and the Legend Boy WizChild from Dmtl.

It was now the turn for the Multiple Award Winning Superstar Ahmed Mujahid Bello, also know in Showbiz as Fancy Gadam (First Son), to appear on the Northern Entertainment Filla Facebook Live program.


IsRahim made it known to the host that a certain producer wanted to buy the copyrights of the mentioned videos from his team with a huge amount of money. But before any further move, he would want them to take off those videos(Galbi and Sangara) from YouTube,  since the buyer was going to also put them into cds to sell out to the general public and there was no way he the producer was going to make money from it if the videos were still on YouTube for streaming and downloads.

Israhim stated that after hearing the amount of money mentioned  by the producer, they immediately deleted those beautiful videos which by then had gotten a huge number of views on YouTube, without hesitation, to be able to have that deal with the producer. Afterwards, they went to the said producer to reach their end of the bargain, thus, to sign their deal and make their negotiations. but then negotiation was breached, because the producer decided to give them a different amount of money which was far less than what was promised Israhim and his team.

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Israhim therefore assured his followers to keep their eyes on his handles and also on for a surprise song which will come with a Classic video. And also added that, they will upload both the new song and the already deleted songs, soon on YouTube.

You can watch the full interview Below:

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