If you can’t help, at least don’t pull us down – Maccasio fires Industry players

Northern best rapper and International Award winning star Sherif abdul majeed widely known in showbiz as Maccasio  bemoans lack of support from industry players to grow.

Maccasio took to his official facebook timeline to write about how industry players only concentrate on pulling them down instead of pulling them up.
Below is a copy of Maccasio’s write up:

industry players only discuss the short falls of artists but never think of their own problems, that kills the industry.
He further noted that its high time industry players supported the growth of artists in the North adding that they as artists go through a lot without their support. This is what the rappers’ Jack said on about the issue:
“They are not doing anything special to support the industry or help young arts grow. They only sit to discuss the short falls of artistes shows or life, but they never discuss their own problems…
My self and every artistes out there go through a lot…”
Maccasio went further to say that if they are not ready to help them, then at least they shouldn’t pull them down.

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