I took Double Tee off from my Yet to be  Released Album- IsRahim.

Abdallah Abdul Rahim know in the showbiz as IsRahim was at the Northern Entertainment Filla Time with Entertainers which is a Facebook Live program.
During the caused of the interview the Gaibi hitmaker assured music lovers that he’s yet to released album will be filled with beautiful tunes. He hopes people will be able to enjoy and relate with the songs.
When the host asked to know some of the artist featured on the yet to be released album, he stated that he has featured great talents like the 69 King,Sheriff Abdul Majeed,  who is also known as Maccasio. He added that he has featured other southern artist but has shockingly not included   Double Tee on the album. He suggested that Double Tee hasn’t lived up to his expectation. He  further indicated that he was having a song with Double Tee and intended to add it to his album but the abusive words that the Shei Koo Shei Hit maker used in his song made him think otherwise.
Double Tee was recently in the news for getting married but it was later found to be a prank and many were not happy about it.
Watch the Short but Powerful Interview with Israhim Below:

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