Dj Bat wrongly accused and beaten by some area boys.

Amidu Abdul Rahim is one of the media personalities in the northern part of Ghana,who works with Zaa Radio in the northern regional capital and is popularly known as DJ Bat. He was yesterday wrongly accused and beaten to pulp in Kukuo where he resides. 2 youngmen who were accused of stealing a motorbike and other valuable items were caught and interrogated, the accused persons in turned accused DJ Bat of being their accomplice. The angered area boys without hesitation proceeded to DJ Bat’s residence, broken into his room and gave him the beaten of his life.

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Afterwards, his valuable properties were taken. Together with the items,he was transported to where they were holding the thieves. Upon arrival, the  thieves changed the narrative and denied his involvement in the act.

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The matter was later reported to the Ghana police Service and they are currently investigating the matter and the perpetrators will be brought to book in no time. tried  to contact  the victim but his phoneline isn’t going through after the unfortunate incident.

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