Dishonesty Is The Ultimate Cause of Ghana’s Problems – A.D Baba revealed.

One of the hard-working broadcast journalists from the Northern part of Ghana, Alhassan Danaa Baba, the Northern regional reporter for Metro Tv and morning show host of Tawulsu 95.7mhz has opened up on what he thinks might be the ultimate problem of Ghana in a Facebook post.

In the post, the young promising media practitioner attributes the current economic challenges faced by the country currently to dishonesty from the top hierarchy.
He wrote;



Dishonesty is the cause of all the problems of Ghana.

The government of the day had been dishonest to the Ghanaian people not today.

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1. How do you expect the Ghanaian economy to do well when you used about 25bln cedis to deal with the banking sector issues (collapse) which needed about 9bln with pragmatic measures to survive?

2. You want the power sector to do good, when a good number of dollars ‘for Ghanaians’, are still with PDS for no work done?

3. Yes, COVID-19, the war in Ukraine is having a negative impact on the global economy but, let’s stop making it look as though Ghana is the only country going through these global challenges.

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Inflation, debt to GDP, exchange rate, … are all doing bad because the managers are dishonest to the Ghanaian people.

Let’s not forget that, things were looking good in the early days of the government making the managers very complacent.

Many ministers should have been out not today but, the old man refused to listen to any well meaning Ghanaian, including his own party people.

Unfortunately, the youth are praising and supporting blindly 😭😭


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