Blame Yourselves For Not Investing In Your Crafts – Nash Iddi jabs Fancy Gadam & Maccasio over 3 Music Awards Brouhaha.

Ghanaian businessman and social media influencer, Nash Iddi after encountering heavy social media attacks from Maccasio and Fancy Gadam over their exclusion in the 3 Music Awards Nominations a couple of days ago have rebuttal his attackers on a live radio interview.

The 3 Music Board member, was featured on one of the most listened to live radio programs dubbed “Zaa Cortu” aired on Tamale-based Radio Station, Zaa Radio with Mohammed Abdul Rashid known in the entertainment landscape as Kawastone.

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Nash Iddi outlined some of the Board criteria in their selection process to Kawastone and further blamed our top-notch artist from our part of the Country for their inability to invest back in their music business but rather chose to invest it in other sectors that have nothing to do with their artistic growth. He also went further to blame the board over their inability to include Maccasio and Fancy Gadam into the Fan army category in this year’s 3 Music Awards. Nash also capitalized on the golden opportunity offered to him by the Zaa Cortu team to dissociate claims that he is the brain behind the artistic selection in the Northern Zone for the 3 Music Awards scheme.

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