Basiru Bejejugu Real Identity Exposed..?

The controversial whistle blower from the Northern part of Ghana in West Africa, Basiru Bejejugu who has for the past years been hiding under the Bejejugu name has allegedly been exposed by one social media user with the account name, Saki Charles.

Saki Charles took to his social media handle to share pictures of the alleged Bejejugu and the account believed to have been operating the ghost account of Bejejugu’s page.

The exposé came shortly after Bejejugu shared a wedding flyer on his Page which attracted one Majeed Kadiago to quiz if he “Begejugu” would be present on the day of the wedding and in his response to the question, Bejejugu shared the wedding flyer with a tag of Majeed Kadiago and according to Charles by furthering his answer with another account alleged to be his real account tagging Kadiago again further detailing his relationship with the groom within a matter of seconds.
Saki Charles has stressed on the fact that Bejejugu made a critical mistake which divulged his real identity as it’s easy to mistakenly switch to your personal account when managing a page.

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Below are the posts published by the said Charles:

The latest post published by Saki Charles on Facebook reveals that the said comment from the real profile of Bejejugu has been deleted further proving his point, but he took the liberty to provide screenshots of the original comment and what it looked like after he immediately realized his mistake and deleted it.

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