Mohammed Awal Khalilillahi Alaafeilana is one of the most vibrant entertainment pundits the North can boast of, especially when it comes to matured presentation and deep analysis on topics that are often tabled for discussion. He has been in the game for some years now.
Alaafeilana has officially announced his plans to help the only female signee under the 5minutes music label, who goes by the stage name Amie, in promoting his upcoming project titled F9.
He made this announcement on his official Facebook account within the week. He further made it clear that he will only offer to help if the yet to be released song from Amie meets the needed standard.
The song according to most people seem to be a diss to her Co-artist (Diva One).
The two have been beefing each other for some time now over who is the true queen of music in this new generation of music made from the North.
Check out the post of Alaafailana below.

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