Afa Staff moved to his 6th Radio Station after Majority FM Exit.

Tamale’s media maven, Afa Staff, is yet again on the prowl, unleashing his electrifying talents upon another radio station. This news comes hot on the heels of his departure from Majority FM, marking the sixth twist in his illustrious career.

Renowned for his magnetic charisma and mesmerizing ability to enthrall audiences, Afa Staff has cemented his name as a household sensation in the realm of radio. With an unparalleled style and a voice that oozes charm, he has swiftly amassed a devoted legion of listeners who eagerly tune in to savor his dynamic discussions.

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Afa Staff’s odyssey in the radio industry commenced years ago when he first graced the airwaves of North Star FM, where he swiftly ascended to the rank of fan favorite. His popularity soared, attracting the attention of another regional radio station, T-FM. This leap further solidified his status as an extraordinary talent within the industry.

Ever since, Afa Staff has ceaselessly pushed boundaries and pursued fresh challenges. His infectious energy and unrivaled knack for forging connections with listeners have propelled him to conquer numerous other radio stations, including Radio Tamale, Neesim FM, and Majority FM. Each move has been greeted with fervor by his devoted fanbase, voraciously trailing his every step.

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Now, as he embarks on his sixth radio station odyssey with Dagbon FM, Afa Staff’s fans are buzzing with anticipation. As this Tamale-based media maestro sets foot in his new radio domain, fans and industry insiders alike anxiously await the resurgence of his electrifying presence on the airwaves.

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