A Lot Of Musicians Are Tricked Into Drugs By Their Record Labels-Rex Omar Reveals.

Veteran highlife crooner and the chairman of the Ghana Music Rights Organization (GHAMRO), Rex Omar has revealed that record labels trick musicians into doing drugs.

“A lot of artistes are tricked into doing drugs by the labels they work with.In most cases,they’re tricked into these things and that was the level I got to until I left.It was only by the Grace of God” Rex Omar made this revelation in an interview on Happy FM and was monitored by nefgh.com.

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According to him, most of the artistes due to their desperation for success are tricked by their managers into doing drugs.

Rex Omar further detailed that record labels mostly make their artistes take drugs to overcome fatigue during performance.

“Because they are passionate for success,they want to play till the end.And when their managers see this.they start to hook them on drugs to enhance their performance and help them overcome fatigue.After taking the drugs continually,they get hooked to it” He disclosed.

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He advised that music lovers should desist from judging musicians from the outside when they are not really aware of what is really happening in their personal lives.



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